The Story Behind the song "The Gift"

John Arnold and Don Tucker ,                First meeting  May 2014.

In October of 2013 , I received a life saving liver transplant , at UAMS  Hospital in Little Rock , Arkansas.  A few days later I wrote the lyrics to 'The Gift' . to honor the donor who of course I never met. I reached out to a songwriter friend of mine, Adam Avery in Vermont ,  and asked for some help with the song, as

I felt I was too close to it  and needed another perspective. Adam sent me a wonderful chorus, which we took, along with my verses, and completed the song. We were pleased with how it turned out. I forwarded the song to my transplant team at UAMS, and they in turn sent it to Arora , the Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Association. They asked me if they could use the song to help promote organ donor registration, which of course Adam and I said yes to.

In the spring of  2014, I was able to meet my donor's family, after writing a letter to Arora stating my wishes to do so. I then was able to reach out to John Arnold, my donor's son, 18 years old at the time of his mom's passing. We met for lunch, had a great  first meeting which was emotional for both of us. I was able to hand  him both a CD copy of the song along with a lyric sheet, and tell him," I wrote this for your mom." This was the single most gratifying moment I've ever had as a songwriter. John called me after he listened to the song to let me know it touched him greatly. John and I remain in touch and talk with each other frequently.He is a college student in Little Rock, having maintained good enough grades despite his mom passing before he graduated high school to achieve an academic scholarship He is fine young man with an easy smile and a great attitude, despite his hardships.

As for myself and Adam Avery, we have collaborated on other songs since then, and both pursue our endeavors

to have some kind of success with our songwriting, which is a very competitive business.  You can find Adam on's website. I am a frequent volunteer for ARORA's Donor Registration drives.

The Gift is on a collection of songs that can be purchased on  Amazon  as a CD. The Gift and other LifeSongs. Proceeds benefit the Arkansas Donor Family Council and Donate Life America. Click on the CD Covers for the buy link, they are 9.99 ea.

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Donovan Tucker